Are Vape Pens Superior to Box Mods?

Are Vape Pens Superior to Box Mods?

What exactly are vape pens?

One type of e-cigarette is the vape pen. They are generally pen-shaped, can be extremely thin or have the thickness of a cigar, and they are simple to use. Like all vapes, they're controlled by a battery and have a tank for e-fluids and a mouthpiece with either an attract-to-puff or push-to-fire system. They are ideal for novice vapers or smokers making the switch due to their all-in-one design, low price, and ease of use.

What exactly are box modes?

Box mods are e-cigarettes that are larger and bulkier than vape pens but provide more flavor and power. Because the mod itself is independent of the battery and tank, advanced vapers value its increased customizability, larger clouds, and frequently superior flavor. 

Differences Between Vape Pens And Box Mods

Size: Differences Between Vape Pens and Box Mods Vape pens typically come in smaller sizes than box mods. They are also lighter, and vape pen users like that they can be hidden in their pockets, bags, or glove compartments. They don't draw in much consideration, and in spite of the little size, you can get a good draw. The Kanger Subvod 100-C, Smok Stick V8 Baby, M17, and Vaporesso Drizzle are among the most popular products. Box mods are more bulky, heavier, and sometimes less portable than regular mods. However, fans of box mods believe that the extra bulk is worth it for better cloud power and flavor. The SMOK Alien, DotMod DotBox, Asmodus Minikin Boost, and Hugo Vapor Boxer V2 are among the best-selling products.

Complexity: Vape pens make things easy to understand. They can be utilized with almost no prior experience and still provide a great deal of satisfaction. Vape pens can offer variable voltage and wattage, although users are more focused on all-in-one conveniences like micro-USB charging than box mods. Tank selection, greater temperature, voltage, wattage precision, and more custom features are all available with box mods.

What's Included: Vape pens are adored for their all-in-one design. A built-in battery, tank, and USB charger are typically included. Purchasing the mod is all that is required with box mods. After you have found it, you can select the appropriate tank, coils, and battery. Although many box mods, like the Wismec RX2/3, can be charged via micro-USB, experts agree that using an external charging bay is quicker and more effective.
Vape pens are generally less expensive because they are smaller and less complicated than box mods. Vapers who opt for a box mod pay a little bit more for more power and what more experienced vapers generally consider to be a superior experience.

Battery: Vape pens and box mods have different battery structures, life, and power. Despite their smaller size, vape pens typically include batteries and offer less power and battery life than box mods. Box mods offer longer battery life and more power thanks to larger, but bulkier, batteries that must be purchased separately.

Wattage: Box mods are the best option for controlling wattage, despite the fact that many vape pens offer some degree of wattage variation. A throat hit that is stronger and more potent comes with a higher wattage, as do the chances of mega clouds.

Durability: When it comes to durability, box mods come out on top. Despite their increased bulk, they are unbreakable. Vape pens are smaller, lighter, easier to use, cheaper, and more discreet than regular pens, despite their lower durability. Vape pens are frequently portrayed as being less durable than they actually are, primarily due to the increased likelihood of dropping and being knocked over when being carried around.

Experience: When choosing between a vape pen and a box mod, flavor and cloud production are major considerations. Vape pens are ideal for covert vaping due to their smaller clouds and acceptable flavor. Box mods are typically the choice of vapers who are in it for the clouds and style. An RDA is something to think about if you want the best taste and clouds possible. There is still some adaptability in pens, such as the availability of up to three pre-selected settings. A vape pen is what you need if you want the experience of smoking a cigarette that can be as simple as drawing from the mouthpiece. Box that mod if cloud or flavor chasing is your game.

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