Best Vaping Songs: Songs About and For Vaping

Best Vaping Songs: Songs About and For Vaping

Vaping and smoking are well-liked behaviors that are followed by hundreds of thousands of people. Musicians have written songs about the pleasures of smoking and vaping, as well as songs that would be fun to vape to, because it is such a common experience. Check out this collection of the best songs for vaping.

Table Of Contents

  1. Bob Marley – Misty Morning
  2. Deep Purple – Smoke on the Water
  3. Rolling Stones – Get Off My Cloud
  4. Angie Stone – Green Grass Vapors
  5. Ride – Vapour Trails
  6. Peter Paul & Mary – Puff the Magic Dragon
  7. Hermitude – The Buzz

Bob Marley – Misty Morning

Bob Marley is one of the first people who come to mind when people think of smoking. Vapers can get lost in this song's bright, calypso vibe and fun beat. Take a listen to the lyrics to this song if you want to think a little bit because they are pretty deep and talk about philosophy.

Deep Purple- Smoke on the Water

The rock song "Smoke on the Water" is a classic. It has a steady beat and a well-defined tempo and was inspired by a tragic fire that occurred at a Frank Zappa concert at the Montreux casino. The well known riff all through the melody is wonderful to establish the rhythm of any vape meeting

Rolling Stones – Get Off My Cloud

Because of its upbeat title, this song is ideal for a solo vaping session! For vapers who don't want to be bothered by other people when they're making clouds, Get Off My Cloud is a great classic rock option. After a long day, chill out alone with this song and a vape for the best vape session vibe.

Angie Stone – Green Grass Vapors

This song, which is the first R&B song on this list, is great for vapers who want a more laid-back vaping experience. The melody is in a real sense about smoking and vaping, which sets the mind-set flawlessly for a chill vape meeting. Vape along to its low-fidelity beats and get lost in its intoxicating rhythm.

Ride – Vapour Trails

A fun alt-rock track for vaping with friends is "Vapour Trail." This track from the English band Ride highlights cool instrumentals and oozes bliss from the primary harmony. Play this song while you vape and get lost in your own "vapour trails."

Peter Paul & Mary – Puff the Magic Dragon

"Puff the Enchanted Winged serpent" is a youth number one. Despite the fact that everyone remembers dancing and singing along to this song about their favorite dragon, some claim that the tune is not as innocent as it seems. Taking "Puffs" of smoke and exhaling them in a large cloud, similar to how a dragon exhales fire and smoke, could be an interpretation of this song.

Hermitude – The Buzz

This electronic-sounding hit for vaping is uplifting. It would be fun to synchronize hits with the bass drops, which are ideal for head bopping. Take a breath in during the buildup and out during the bass drop to produce massive clouds. Enjoy this cool song while you vape and get "The Buzz."

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