Five Reasons Why Your Vape Tastes Burnt

Five Reasons Why Your Vape Tastes Burnt

Burnt-tasting vapor is the worst kind of disappointment. You may be vaping away for a while before you experience an unpleasant burnt taste. That awful sensation in the throat cannot be compared.

It has the potential to ruin your lunch break, or your entire day, or even discourage you from vaping at all. Because there are numerous potential causes of the same issue, troubleshooting the burnt taste frustrates many vape users. As a result, some people even buy brand-new devices, which can be expensive.

Don't fear. Although that acrid burnt taste is annoying, it is also pretty common. There are some simple fixes to help you get rid of the burnt taste so you can enjoy your vape once again.


Your vape may be giving off a burnt flavor for a number of different reasons.  In any case, for each explanation, there is an answer. Understanding the underlying causes of common vaping issues is essential. You will be able to eliminate the burnt taste and resume enjoying your vaping session once you understand them.


Burnt hits and dry hits are sometimes used interchangeably in the vaping industry. Both of them result in unfavorable vaping experiences. However, they should not be mistaken for the same thing by users.

A dry hit is considerably less damaging than a burnt hit. Dry hits occur when the wick on your coil dries out, giving off an unpleasant flavor and producing less smoke. Burned hits frequently result in coughing and an unpleasant taste in the back of your throat. The fact that dry vape hits are a warning sign is one way to differentiate them from burnt hits. Before you get a burnt vape hit, you'll feel it.

Adding more juice to your vape tank will quickly solve dry hits. Your dry wick will become saturated as a result, prompting your vape to resume normal vapour production. You will damage your vape and experience that horrible burnt taste that we are all trying to avoid if you hit it frequently when it is drying out.


Burnt vape hits can be brought on by a variety of factors. When you start vaping burnt hits, you'll immediately notice the distinctively bitter burnt taste.

The majority of the reasons why your vape tastes burned are connected to the wicking material burning in your coil. Five of the most typical reasons for this problem are listed below.

1. High wattage range

Even though it can be tempting to use a high wattage range, this is one common reason why your vape tastes burnt.

Even if you still have vape juice in your tank, if you vape at a wattage range that is higher than your coil's limit, you may run out of e-liquid very quickly. This can also cause your coil head to burn the wick.

Due to the powerful battery's ability to operate at high temperatures, this is particularly prevalent with box mod vape setups.

2. Chain vaping

Chain vaping is another common cause of burnt flavor in your vape. Even though it is very simple to take several puffs on your vape at once, if you start to taste burned, you should stop.

Chain vaping can quickly deplete your tank's vape juice, burning the wick. The e-liquid has a chance to absorb during a brief break, ensuring that the wick is equally saturated.

3. Vaping with high VG vape juice

Propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) are two components in a vape juice that perform distinct functions. While vegetable glycerin tends to be thicker and sweeter, propylene glycol produces a "throat hit" that is similar to that of cigarette smoke.

One significant distinction is that VG produces those satisfying vape clouds while PG imparts flavor. There are many possible combinations of these components in e-liquid. It is essential to verify that your juice's VG and PG proportions are compatible with your vape pen.

Even though high-VG vape juice can be used with some vape mods, some setups need at least 50% PG to work properly. Check the size of your wick channels as a general rule. When using high-VG e-liquid, smaller holes in the wick channel can lead to clogs and a burnt taste. 

4. Not priming coils properly or using old coils

The most common reason for your vape pen's burnt taste is usually this. To prepare your coil heads for use, all you need to do is allow your wick to become completely soaked in e-liquid. Burnt hits can occur if the coil head is not properly primed.

Additionally, if you use old coils, you may notice that your vape has a burnt flavor. When coil heads are not replaced, vapes have a burnt flavor. It's probably time to replace your coil if you've been troubleshooting and nothing else seems to be wrong.

Even though some vape tanks come with coils that can be changed, if you use a vape that is disposable or has cartridges that are disposable, you might have to replace the entire tank if you have a bad coil.

5. Running low on vape e-liquid

If you are running low or vaping with an empty tank, try refilling it if nothing else works. If you use enough e-liquid, your wick will be completely saturated, preventing the burnt taste.

If you use a vape that uses disposable cartridges or a vape that uses disposable cartridges, it might mean that you have run out of e-liquid and need to buy a new one. 


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