Flavour Beast: The Newest Line In Vaping

Flavour Beast: The Newest Line In Vaping

Flavour Beast is the newest line of disposables and s-compatible pods to hit our shelves. These 4000 puff battery-powered disposables come in 15 different awesome flavors going from fruity to candy. The disposable has a beverage flavor on red packaging, a candy flavor on yellow, and a fruit flavor on grey packaging. These devices have a capacity of 10 milliliters and a 600 milliampere-hour battery, so even heavy users can expect them to last a while. With its adjustable airflow, users of the Flavour Beast can also find a hit that suits them perfectly. Additionally, the Flavour Beast makes use of mesh coil resistance to produce puffs with the best possible flavor.

If you use an S-device or don't like disposables, the S-compatible pods are a great alternative. These pods, which are available in the same flavors as the disposables, can be used with existing Stlth and Allo devices. The Flavour Beast pods, in contrast to many other pods, come with a freshness seal inside the pod to maintain the flavor even after use.

The Flavour Beast disposables & S-compatible pods are available in

‚óŹ Blazin‚Äô Banana Blackberry Iced
‚óŹ Bomb Blue Razz
‚óŹ Bussin Banana Iced
‚óŹ Extreme Mint Iced
‚óŹ Green Dew Iced
‚óŹ Gusto Green Apple
‚óŹ Lemon Squeeze Iced
‚óŹ Lit Lychee Watermelon Iced
‚óŹ Mad Mango Peach
‚óŹ Pop‚Äôn Peach Berry
‚óŹ Rainbow Burst
‚óŹ Ragin‚Äô Razz Mango Iced
‚óŹ Sic Strawberry Iced
‚óŹ Sour Snap
‚óŹ Wild White Grape Iced

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