Harsh Vape Fix – How to Get a Smooth Vape

Harsh Vape Fix – How to Get a Smooth Vape

A sore throat is the worst thing that can happen when you vape your favorite e-liquid! The brutality can shock new and experienced vapers the same.

However, despite the fact that it is a side effect that many individuals experience, the solution is frequently much simpler than you might expect. We'll go over the possible causes of that harsh vape and offer some possible solutions in the list below.

Why is my Vape so Harsh? How to Fix the Problem

There are four main reasons why your e-cigarette can be too harsh. And, here at Mist, we know how to fix them. The four most common problems are:

1. The nicotine content of your liquid is too high
2. The PG and VG ratio is wrong
3. Your variable voltage device has a voltage which is too high
4. You have the airflow closed off.
5. You should try nicotine salts

1. The Nicotine Content of your Liquid is Too High

If your vape pen has a high nicotine content, it might be too high. Try lowering the nicotine level to 6 milligrams per milliliter (mg), as less nicotine means smoother e-liquid.

It can be difficult for novice vapers to choose a nicotine level. You can always buy e-liquid in a variety of strengths to see which one works best for you if you're not sure.

Or, even better, request to test out various varieties in-store prior to purchasing. In any case, even after this, a few of us actually don't realize how strong we can actually be! So assuming that you truly do begin to encounter a sensitive throat from vaping, it's conceivable that the nicotine content could be excessively high.

If that is the case, it might be time to switch to an e-liquid of a lower strength. However, if you haven't had any issues in the past while vaping that strength, I would suggest excluding the other possibilities first.

2. The PG and VG Ratio is Wrong

The smoothness of your vaping experience can be significantly improved by adjusting the ratios of your PG and VG. For the individuals who are simply getting going on their vape venture, the terms PG and VG can appear to be confounding. Fortunately, you needn't bother with a PHD in science to see all you really want to be familiar with these mixtures.

Petroleum byproduct propylene glycol (PG) is the most frequently used ingredient in e-liquid. Numerous vapers guarantee it gives a 'throat hit' like tobacco. VG (Vegetable Glycerin) is gotten from vegetable oils and is hence reasonable for veggie lovers.

It gives a smoother hit than PG and considers thicker fume. A few clients have revealed getting an irritated throat from just vaping PG-based e-fluid, however have had these side effects alleviated by adding VG. This can be VG exclusively or in a 50/50 ratio.

3. Your Variable Voltage Device has a Voltage that is too High

When you use a device with variable voltage, the higher the voltage, the more vapor is produced, which means you are taking in more nicotine. Take a stab at turning down the voltage to make less fume and partake in a smoother vape.

Compared to the plastic cigarettes you used to buy at the store, vape devices have come a long way. Now you can get one that looks more like something from a science fiction movie! However, these are actually much simpler than they appear to be.

These devices' primary function is to adjust the electrical current that flows through the coil by controlling the voltage. The user has a lot more control over their vaping experience with this option, and they can tailor it to how strong or flavorful they like their hit.

If you're a beginner, you need to know how to use this feature or you might get a very harsh vape! The typical vape pen setting is between 3.3 and 3.8, but you may prefer a stronger or weaker output. If vaping causes you to have a sore throat, the voltage may be too high for you. My recommendation is to switch things up until you get that goldilocks hit!

4. Your Airflow is Closed off

The airflow of contemporary vape devices is another customizable feature, along with voltage. High airflow produces a cooler vape but sacrifices flavor in favor of increased airflow. The vapor will have more flavor and warmth if there is less airflow.

Assuming that you want to make enormous, mysterious vape mists, higher wind current is the most ideal one for you. On the other hand, low airflow is preferable if you want a stronger vape with more flavor. However this can be taken excessively far, and now and again even accidentally.

You will most likely damage the coils and experience a very abrupt harshness if the airflow is completely shut off. Continuously ensure that there is sufficient wind current to keep the curls cool to forestall that brutal vape.

5. You could try Nicotine Salts

Leaf tobacco contains nicotine salts, a naturally occurring form of nicotine. They aren't just made out of nicotine however different other natural materials. This manages for a sort of bio-similarity that you could not in any case track down in customary nicotine.

The individuals who participate in this perfect little substance presume that they feel the brutality of vape hits has been discernibly decreased. Because they provide a nicotine hit that lasts for a longer period of time, they are an excellent substitute for people who are unable to vape as frequently as they would like.

Nic salts also deliver nicotine to users much more effectively than other methods, according to studies. Additionally, nic salts may be more effective for people who want to quit smoking, according to a recent study.

Happy Vaping!

If you’ve tried all the suggestions on this list and still get a harsh vape, you could just need a glass of water! Vaping can cause dehydration so it’s important to bear this in mind. Secondly, that feeling of harshness may not even be related to vaping, and you may want to take a break until the dust clears, and the clouds can return!

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