How You Can Reduce Waste While Vaping

How You Can Reduce Waste While Vaping

While the majority of us are concerned with the potential to reduce harm from vaping, we ought to also be concerned about our impact on the environment. We naturally see an increase in conversations about how the industry and the community can make changes that reduce our collective carbon footprint as vaping gains popularity. We will go over a few easy ways to vape in a way that is better for the environment in this article.

Re-use before recycling

When the topic of going green comes up, recycling is frequently the first thing that comes to mind. However, there is a lot more we can do before this step to reduce our environmental impact.

Maybe the greatest thing with regards to vaping is reusing gadgets. Don't toss out your first vape if you've had a successful vaping experience and either no longer require it or upgraded to a device that is better suited to your needs.

Even if you intend to recycle your old vaping device, passing it on to another smoker or vaper who can continue to use it could further reduce your impact on the environment.

The most environmentally friendly option is to give the device to someone you know who might benefit from it, as long as it has been thoroughly cleaned and is in working order. This can also be a great chance to offer a less harmful alternative to someone in your life.

If you have upgraded from one of our starter kits to something more advanced, you should give that starter kit to someone who can use it because the majority of CALIBURN and SMOKE devices are intended to last for between one and three years of regular use when properly maintained. This will save valuable resources and cut down on shipping, both of which contribute significantly to reducing waste.

Make the switch to more sustainable devices

Disposable devices have seen a huge rise in popularity over the past two years. While they can be a fantastic option for new vapers and in certain other use cases, there’s no denying the fact that disposable vapes are wasteful.

Regularly throwing away valuable resources such as lithium-ion batteries, along with materials that are difficult to recycle is not a sustainable option.

If you have been finding success with disposable vapes we aren’t judging you, but it is seriously worth considering making the switch to a more sustainable device. Even the simplest option, such as a pre-filled pod system, will produce less waste than a fully disposable device.

If you want the most sustainable option, choose a refillable vaping device with replaceable coils. Waste produced by these devices is much lower than in any other category, since only the coil needs to be disposed of, which is a small amount of material every 1-2 weeks. In addition, the e-liquid bottles you’ll be using are much easier to recycle than a disposable device and last much longer on average.

Prolong the life of your vaping equipment

Finding a way straightforward ways to delay the existence of your vaping gadget will set aside you cash and decrease your effect on the climate. It makes sense, but it's a win-win situation if you don't have to replace your device as frequently.

Clean the tank, pod, and any connectors on a regular basis if you are using a device that can be refilled to prevent damage to the device. Additionally, to ensure that your battery can take advantage of the maximum number of charge cycles, use only high-quality charging cables, such as the one that comes with the device.

If you really want to go above and beyond, you might want to use e-liquids with less sugar. E-liquid with a lot of sweetener can quickly cause coils to burn out, leading to more waste. Get some information about low-sugar e-fluids and try them out. If you like them, you'll save money on new coils and help the environment at the same time!

Recycle what you can

It is best to recycle any components that you can when a vaping device or accessory reaches the end of its lifecycle and cannot be used anymore.

Portions of your vape that have come into contact with e-fluid, for example, tanks, should be completely cleaned prior to reusing, as the nicotine viewed in e-fluid is considered as an impurity. Similarly, before recycling e-liquid bottles, they should be thoroughly cleaned.

Most expendable gadgets can't be reused, albeit this is gradually evolving. To avoid improper disposal, carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions if your disposable device can be recycled.

It is best to check with the local guidance before disposing of any external batteries or devices with internal batteries because this varies greatly from region to region. Fortunately, special units for disposing of batteries are becoming more prevalent in numerous regions of the world.

We trust this article has given you some supportive data and novel thoughts regarding how you can vape in a more maintainable manner. We couldn't imagine anything better than to hear your considerations on manageability in vaping through our Vape For The Planet study, which you can view as here.

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