Health Minister Christian Dube announced that on October 31 2023, Quebec plans to ban the sale of all flavoured e-liquids and vaping products.

Only tobacco-flavoured and unflavoured e-liquid products will be allowed to be sold.

This ban aims to deter folks from vaping, especially the younger crowd. The goal is to make vaping seem less attractive by providing less options for flavours and products.

Quebec Vaping Industry Response:

Quebec business owners across the province are wondering how they’ll survive with this ban ensuing soon, due to the rapid drop in sales they will have.

Meanwhile, Flory Doucas of the Quebec Coalition for Tobacco Control, is thrilled. “This is really what was needed to reduce the appeal of vaping products among our youth”.

Doucas agrees that this change was necessary in order to reduce vape consumption, but Raimondo argues that vaping has helped for many to quit smoking and that this ban is counterproductive.

She wonders if herself, among others, might end up returning to cigarettes after the flavour ban is put through. Quebec flavoured e-liquids ban removes a popular option for harm reduction from cigarettes.

Other Concerns: 

There is also concern of illegal black market vaping products rising, as mentioned by Eric Gagnon, Imperial Tobacco Canada’s vice-president of legal and external affairs. “[Young people] will inevitably continue to obtain their supplies the same way adults will from now on – through the black market, where products are unlicensed and there are no safety standards.”

Although discourse from either side of the spectrum ensues, pro-vapers are considering taking legal action on the province of Quebec in regards to the flavour ban.

For vapers, purchasing flavoured nicotine products is still possible.

Flavoured vaping products continue to be legal to buy and sell in Ontario and other provinces. It is not against the law to ship products to other provinces. Quebecers can buy good and cheapest disposables from us also from exclusive pre-Christmas deals with bundle additional discount in 2-3 business days shipping.  

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Although a relief for customers, Quebec-based businesses will inevitably suffer under these new restrictions. Quebec sellers will be forced to uphold a new standard when it comes to their products.

Reference: Quebec to Ban Flavoured Vapes on October 31st (Global News, 2023).

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