Traveling with Your Vape or E-Cigarette Abroad

Traveling with a vape or e-cigarette is a lot easier than you might think. All you need is a few simple do's and don'ts to help you get through airport security and pack your e-cigarettes for travel. Find out that information in our quick guide below! 


First, Airport Terminology

What would your vape device be defined as when looking at travel laws and websites of airports and airlines? You might find any of the following terms listed in the rules.

Atomizers, vape pens, vaporizers, vape mods, e-cigarettes, e-cigarettes, battery-powered e-cigarettes, and electronic nicotine delivery systems.

Wow. Well, here is the general short version of it all…


Is It Okay to Bring a Vape or E-cigarettes on a Plane?

The answer is yes. However, you must keep it in your hand luggage.

Vape or e-cigarettes are permitted on board when flying within Canada. This is the official statement that e-cigarette devices can be carried as carry-on baggage, per his CATSA official guidelines on e-cigarettes.

Both TSA and CATSA in the US do not allow these devices as checked baggage. This applies to both passengers and crew. This is because the device poses a fire hazard. This also applies to laptops and devices with rechargeable high-capacity batteries.

It's safer to keep your device in your bag or carry-on. Do not put it in your checked baggage.


What About the Rules for Liquids?

When using refills or vape juice, even pre-packaged pods like STLTH are subject to the guidelines and are considered liquids.

Refills can be brought on the plane. All containers, whether refills or capsules, must be less than 100ml or 3.4 ounces.

For further questions or more information, please contact the airline.


Is it Okay to Vape on the Plane?

Absolutely not. don't try. Don't sneak it.

Vaping is treated just like smoking a real cigarette. The penalties and risks are not worth it. It gets worse when plane passengers see clouds of steam and panic, believing something is on fire. Then there are a lot of hassles and headaches that you don't want to go into.

Don't use it to stuff it.


How to Pack Your Device and Accessories

Here's some other useful information to know:

First, CATSA does not require you to remove your device from your bag or carry-on during the inspection. There's already enough going on in Security Line. That is wonderful.

Place the pen or device in its own padded or protective case before putting it in your carry-on. Again, do not put your device in your checked luggage. Liquid refills and accessories are treated like any other liquid. You can put it in the same bag as your toiletries. Consider bottle size.

Spare batteries are fine, but the rules can be a little tricky. Batteries are allowed on board but please only carry one or two as spares. This is about paying attention during security checks.

All countries have regulations for vaping. Always check the local laws of your destination before traveling. For example, Thailand is a country that has been banned for almost ten years. Don't bring your vape device to places where just having it could get you in trouble. Getting caught can mean hefty fines and even imprisonment. Other countries such as Brazil, Lebanon, Vietnam and Cambodia also have very strict regulations. You can definitely travel to the US or UK with your device.

Enjoy Your Travel and Be Safe

We hope these simple tips will help you feel comfortable when traveling with e-cigarettes and e-cigarettes. Take a few simple precautions and treat the rules and policies with respect, and you should have no problems!

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