Uwell Caliburn G Review

Uwell Caliburn G Review

Today, we'll be looking at the Uwell Caliburn G, a unit whose predecessor changed the way many of us thought about pod vape systems. It is one of the big stars of the pod vape system scene.

The Uwell Caliburn was a monstrous accomplishment on discharge, with large number of vapers feeling a debt of gratitude's thin form, draw initiation and inventive unit vape framework. We believed that Uwell's pod vape line had not ended, even though its 520mAh battery wasn't quite strong enough to provide a full day's worth of vaping.

We're currently extremely eager to declare the arrival of the most recent overhaul, Uwell's Caliburn G, which carries a large group of new enhancements to a generally much darling case vape framework with the expectations of transforming it into the vape of decision for thousands. Let's examine it more closely!

Uwell Caliburn G review breakdown:

  • Box Contents
  • Specifications
  • Design & Build Quality
  • Features and Functions
  • How to Use
  • Pods & Coils
  • Battery Life & Charging
  • Performance
  • Verdict

Box contents

  • Uwell Caliburn G
  • 1 x Caliburn G Pod
  • 2 x UN2 0.8ohm mesh coils
  • USB Type C charger
  • User manual


  • Wattage output: 18W
  • Battery capacity: 690mAh
  • Weight: 60g
  • Size: 108.3mm x 22.5mm x 12.6mm
  • Draw activated
  • Optional firing button
  • Coil resistance: 0.8ohm

Design & build quality

The Caliburn G brings another instinct with regards to fashion and elegance to match the nicotine help. Additionally, it has undergone some sort of transformation since the previous generation.

The past model, however sharp in it's own specific manner, would at times attract correlations with a USB information stick. This is not meant as an insult, but given that it also perfectly describes the JUUL, it could simply be the case that Uwell wanted to differentiate itself from the competition.

The Caliburn G includes another furrowed plan which gives phenomenal hold to a gadget you'll squeeze between your fingers.

The terminating button has likewise had somewhat of a makeover, presently showing a sleek gold edge around the outline.

As far as size the Caliburn G hasn't seen an increment from the past unit, actually introducing all capacity in a flawless thin form fits easily in any pocket and doesn't stand apart pompously on a work area.

Features & functions

The pod vape system from Uwell is now better than ever!

The Caliburn G is a device that is easy to use. The unit includes no perplexing menus or computerized shows, no series of buttons with which to change power levels.

The Caliburn G includes a solitary button on it's front which you use to turn it on and might use to fire it. With this device, you can see that the main feature of the previous Caliburn is back; draw technology for activation!

Simply placing the device in your mouth and puffing is all that is required to activate the device; the second the Caliburn G recognizes wind current it will start atomising your vape juice.

Although most MTL users will likely find the draw-activated puff to be more than satisfying due to the 18W power output, users may wish to use the firing button if they want to slightly cook the first big lungful.

Uwell Caliburn G pods/coils

Since the previous version, the Caliburn G pods have undergone an upgrade. Now with replaceable coils that can be changed with a simple pull and push.

The pod's rigid plastic mouthpiece has a "clamshell" design and snaps away from the pod with little force but never pops off on its own.

The clear refill port on top, under the removable mouthpiece, makes filling the pod simple. The Caliburn G case can hold up to 2ml of your most loved vape juice.

The actual curls are worked with network insides to forestall early burnouts and equivalent intensity conveyance, getting started with an obstruction of 0.8ohms.

While in fact sub-ohm, we truly do suggest that you use 50/50 or high-PG vape juice as the wicking ports are somewhat little for quick VG retention.

Battery life & charging

The 690mAh Caliburn G will never run out of power thanks to USB Type C!

The Caliburn G's battery capacity has increased significantly, from 520mAh to a whopping 690mAh. This makes the Caliburn G the go-to daily vape because it has enough power for a workday and a night out.

In the occasion you truly do find your Caliburn G running dangerously short on power you can constantly utilize the new and exceptionally welcome USB Type C charger, quickly taking your unit from void to full in roughly 45 minutes.

Additionally, the installed passthrough technology enables you to continue vaping while it is charging, ensuring that you will never be without your dependable pod vape.

At the base of the Caliburn G is a small three-color power indication light; Green denotes power above 60%, blue denotes power between 60% and 30%, and red denotes power below 30%. With the USB Type C cable included in the kit, it's time for a quick charge after ten red flashes.


The Caliburn G delivers solid hits which provide relief without fogging out the room.

The Caliburn G, despite being such a small and elegant device, delivers a substantial and potent hit. With 18W of power, it produces the most substantial inhalation that an MTL device can reasonably produce.

When you press the firing button just before inhaling, the Caliburn G will have a few seconds to "cook" and produce a larger initial puff. The coils rewick quickly, ensuring that you will never have to wait long between puffs for even more satisfying hits from your Caliburn G. Those who prefer a slightly more powerful hit will likely find that they enjoy using the firing button.

The verdict

The Caliburn G enhances pretty much every part of the first gadget, giving a critical power increment and a lot quicker accusing along of its improved units and tasteful new visual plan.

The Caliburn G won't occupy your lounge room with thick billows of fume, yet it was never planned as a cloud pursuing machine.

The Caliburn G is a lot of a relaxed unit vape effortlessly of-purpose as it's most noteworthy prudence, intended to be gotten, puffed, and set back down whenever you've gotten a letting impact free from flavorsome fume.

The Caliburn G has been upgraded from its backup status to a confident primary vaping machine thanks to its increased battery capacity and the addition of interchangeable coils.

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