Vaping Tips

Vaping Tips

When you first start vaping, especially when you move into Sub Ohm vaping, there is a lot to learn. Mods, larger batteries, heavier coils, more flavors of e-liquid, variable wattage, and bigger batteries. There are ways to enhance your vaping experience so that you can get the most out of it now that you have more options. There are a lot of ways to hack your device, whether you want to fix a leaky tank or get more flavor and life out of your coils.

I can no longer taste my juice because I have a vape mouth.
When you find your all-day vape, one unfortunate side effect of vaping is when you suddenly lose your ability to taste it. Even though your wattage is the same as usual and the coil is new, you are not seeing the expected results. The reason is that your taste buds are less able to pick up on a particular flavor because they are accustomed to it. If your coil permits it, increasing the wattage may occasionally be of some assistance. Otherwise, switching to a different juice and taking a break, even for a day or two, can be helpful. More grounded flavors like menthol are great for slicing through the vape mouth. Or, if you really can't give up your favorite, try cleansing your palate with coffee or something sour, like lemon-flavored water.

Occasionally, however, your mouth simply becomes a little dry. If you vape frequently, make sure to drink a lot of water because the propylene glycol in vape juice absorbs water, making your mouth dry over time. Drink plenty of water because a dry mouth can't taste as good as one that is hydrated.
Dry hits are coming from my coil because it isn't wicking quickly enough.
Some premade coils will have thicker or more tightly packed cotton wicking than others, making them sometimes unable to absorb liquid quickly enough. There are two solutions to this problem. The first is to stop chain vaping and simply take smaller, less frequent puffs. Try the next step if you've tried this and found that even adequately priming your coil did not help. Simply use a thin needle to make a few small holes in your coil's wicking material. Not such a large number of or you could wind up with spilling issues however a couple of little ones in each segment of the cotton will permit your e-fluid to soak all the more rapidly. With the added benefit of getting more life out of your coil heads, you can vape more comfortably.

E-Liquid keeps getting into my mouth from my coil.
When you refill, you might get a little juice on the coil, which can leave you with unpleasant, hot juice drops in your mouth when you vape. Burning the juice off the coil is an option to consider if increasing the wattage hasn't changed anything. Simply press the firing button for a few seconds and blow through the air vent if your device has bottom airflow. This will get rid of any juice that is still on the coil, giving you the best vaping experience possible, a smooth inhale, and the dense clouds you want. If you've refilled with something new and don't want to change the coil yet, you can also use this method to extract the last of an old flavor from a coil.

My tank continues to leak.
The coil connection or using too much PG juice are typically the causes of this. Higher VG juice is especially beneficial for sub-ohm tanks because it is more viscous and won't easily leak through air vents. Consider using a thicker juice if you have upgraded to a device with a higher power but continue to use the same liquid. On the other hand, tanks with bottom airflow slots may leak, draining juice from your mod or battery. Make sure your coil hasn't burned out first because old coils that can't wick as well are more likely to leak. Also, if your coil isn't properly screwed in, it may not be as airtight and leak out of the space between your tank and the airflow. To create a vacuum when you refill, you might also want to close your airflow and then open it again when you want to vape. Additionally, if you don't overfill your tank, you'll have fewer problems with leaks because replacing the cap increases the air pressure inside your atomizer, which can force it out of the air vents. A couple of other fundamental things like keeping your tank upstanding so it can't trickle out the side aids, as does really taking a look at the seals on the vape itself (most units accompany spare seals as well).

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