With Aquios, each element of the system has been precisely engineered to create a perfect match. Water-based e-liquid, next-generation hardware, and specially formulated flavourings work in harmony to deliver a precise vaping experience.

PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin) are the solutions used in e-liquid in the vape industry. High VG (70% above) e-liquid is more popular because of subohm vaping at high wattage, while 50% PG e-liquid can be found for mouth-to-lung vaping at low wattage. Adding water to e-liquid of PG and VG brings great benefits.

Purer Taste

There is no doubt that VG has sweet taste and can mask original flavours. There are different opinions on PG taste. Some say it is tasteless while some researchers say it tastes slightly sweet and also has a bitter taste. Nevertheless, On the other hand, water is tasteless. Adding water and reducing PG/VG produces purer taste.

Smoother Vapour, Faster Satisfaction

We inhale water already. Water exists in air and it is easier to be absorbed by human body. Less PG reduces throat irritation as well.

Water-based vaping delivers a smooth and natural tasting experience that no other vaping technology can replicate. The water content of Aquios is more closely attuned to our bodies, so vapour produced by Aquios devices has higher bioavailability. This means faster satisfaction and significantly reduced irritation compared to traditional vaping devices.

Improved chemical stability​

Boiling point of PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin) are 189 °C and 292 °C separately. Boiling point of water is significantly lower, only 100 °C. Adding water to eliquid of PG and VG brings down the boiling point and leads to lower vape temperature that reduces harmful substances in vapor, e.g. formaldehyde, acetaldehyde etc.

The boiling point of water is much lower than the boiling point of PG and VG. This allows Aquios to operate at lower temperatures, resulting in greatly improved chemical stability.

Reduced dehydration

PG and VG both absorb water, especially VG. They absorb water from skin. Glycerol is so thirsty for water that the amount of absorbed water can be larger than the original volume of glycerol used. Dehydration causes some problems such as dry mouth after long time vaping.

Reducing PG and vegetable glycerine (VG) content reduces the dehydrating qualities of vapour, resulting in a more pleasant experience for transitioning smokers.

However, one cannot simply put water into the current eliquid. Water is very much less viscous than PG and VG, which causes leaking and flooding problems. When leaking is stopped by adding more wicking material to the coil, dry-hit occurs frequently. When leaking and dry-hit problems are solved, you will probably still get little vapor.



Aquios – The First & Only Water Based Vaping Technology (aquioslabs.com)

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