Water-based Vaping – The Next Big Thing?

Water-based Vaping – The Next Big Thing?

New technology is giving rise to a new type of vaping

The vaping industry is always on the lookout for novel and creative approaches to enhancing vaping. Also, anything that can help make vaping better, safer, and more enjoyable is always a good thing. As of late, Aquios Labs has done whatever it may take to carry an entirely different upset to vaping as water-based vaping.

Can you vape water?

Some E-Liquids can contain a tiny measure of water yet by and large, most are simply oil-based. This is primarily due to the fact that standard vape kits are not designed to vaporize water. Some vapers attempt to acquaint water with their vapes as it offers cleaner flavors among different advantages. However, leaks and flooding are likely because most kits are not designed to handle less viscous liquids.

What is water-based vaping?

New technologies developed by Aquios Labs make it possible to vape E-Liquids with a 30% water content. Although this may not seem like a lot, the sum and its implications are enormous. Water-based vaping implies in a real sense that - vaping with water. In spite of the fact that right now, the primary emphasess by Aquios Labs offer just 30% water content, they are as of now checking possibly expanding this out. Besides the fact that they designed have the ideal framework to disintegrate E-Fluid that contains water, yet additionally unambiguous figured out flavors and water-based E-Fluids to take full advantage of it.

What are the benefits of water-based vaping?

E-Liquids have a more natural flavor thanks to water-based vaping, one of the many great advantages. Vegetable glycerin (VG) has a flavor that is slightly sweet. This flavor, especially in E-Liquids with a higher VG ratio, may make it hard to tell what the flavor is supposed to be. Water, on the other hand, has no flavor, so adding it to PG/VG e-liquids can help make them taste better by essentially replacing some of the VG and making it taste less strong.

Additionally, water-based vaping provides faster satisfaction and smoother vapour. We inhale water every day because it is easily absorbed by our bodies and makes up some of the oxygen we breathe. Similar as the VG circumstance, lessening how much Propylene Glycol (PG) and supplanting it with water, diminishes throat bothering.

You can also help alleviate one of the most common vaping-related issues by using water-based vaping; a sore throat. After vaping for a while, you may notice a dry mouth because VG tends to absorb water. You can mitigate the dehydrating effects of the vapour and create a more pleasurable experience by reducing the amount of VG and substituting water for it.

Are there any problems with vaping water?

When there is more water in your e-liquid, one thing you will notice is that the clouds you get when you vape won't be as dense as usual. E-Liquids with a high VG-to-PG ratio are typically used by sub-ohm vapers because VG is responsible for producing thick clouds. Water, on the other hand, takes the place of some VG when water is added, so cloud-hunters might not be as impressed by this new setup.

Likewise, those searching for major areas of strength for a hit like smoking might find water-based vaping excessively light for them. Also, on the off chance that we venture into the domains of simply water-based E-Fluids, flavorings might actually be lost as water doesn't will generally bond well with flavorings. PG and VG are present in some water-based e-liquids for vaping.

The verdict

Overall, water-based vaping may be suitable for some, but it probably won't be something everyone will enjoy. Even though there are advantages, some vapers who value big clouds and strong flavors may be less likely to try it.


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