Yocan Evolve Wax Pen - Review

Yocan Evolve Wax Pen - Review

To make using cannabis extracts as simple as possible, the Yocan Evolve wax pen has a single button, a fixed temperature, and dual quartz atomizers. How does the vapor compare to other beginner-level wax pens, despite the fact that this device may be very user-friendly? Find out by reading our review.

How it Works

As we mentioned, the Yocan Evolve is very easy to use. To get to the atomizer, first remove the mouthpiece, then remove the atomizer cap to get to the heating chamber.

Place your cannabis extracts directly on the heating coils by utilizing the loading tool. The metal tool could cause damage to the coils, so avoid touching them. You are now ready to vaporize by reinserting the mouthpiece on the device.

The device will turn on after five clicks on the power button, just like most wax pens do. Then, to enjoy your vapor, simply press and hold the power button while drawing from the mouthpiece.

Temperature Flexibility

Temperature control is not available on the Yocan Evolve.
This indicates that until you release the power button, the device will continue to heat the coils. To conserve battery life, the Yocan Evolve will automatically stop heating after ten seconds. With Evolve, the only way to control the temperature is to manually pulsate the power button to try to keep your preferred temperature.

Vapor Quality

The Yocan Evolve has decent vapor quality; Due to its flavor and cloud production, the dual quartz coil setup has become a standard in the wax pen industry. Anyway, on the grounds that this unit has no kind of temperature adaptability, the nature of the fume can shift contingent upon how long you hold down the power button. You will be able to produce the most vapor if you hold the button down for the full ten seconds, but you will lose flavor and smoothness in your draw.
We discovered that holding the power button for three to five seconds followed by a pulse of the power button yielded the best results. As you continued to draw, pay attention to how harsh it felt on your throat. The Linx Hypnos Zero, with its ceramic atomizer and excellent flavor and clouds, is another option.

Manufacturing Quality

For the money, the Yocan Evolve is a well-built device. It feels great in your hands and is sturdy. We really like that the Yocan Evolve's atomizers have a cap on them. This cap really helps reduce the amount of wax pen splatter, which improves productivity. It likewise goes about as intensity sync, permitting the hot fume to cool somewhat prior to arriving at your lips.

Battery Life

The Yocan Evolve has one 650 mah ego-style battery, which is pretty typical for wax pens. During our research for the Yocan Evolve review, we discovered that Evolve's battery life is about average in comparison to that of the other devices in the pack. The battery should be charged at least once per day if you use it a lot. Users who use less power will not need to charge their devices for several days. In order to charge the Yocan Evolve, the battery must be removed from the device. It is unfortunate that the Yocan Evolve cannot be used while charging due to this.

Ease of Use

The Yocan Develop is a very straightforward gadget to utilize, generally as a result of the single button and fixed temperature. This makes using this wax pen much simpler and less difficult to learn. We also encourage you to check out its sibling, the Yocan Evolve Plus, which is priced similarly to this one. To turn the device on, simply load it with the wax of your choice and quickly press the power button five times. And inhale and press simultaneously to enjoy your vapor.

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